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For Everyone
A cute video asking children of lactation consultants what their mothers do.

For Professionals:
LactMed - National Library of Medicines lactational pharmacology database - assess the safety of medications for breastfeeding mothers and babies/children.
Dr. Thomas Hale's Lactational Pharmacology site. Safety of medications for breastfeeding mothers and infants, as well as information on/results of relevant clinical trials.
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine - International, multi-specialty organization for physicians interested in breastfeeding support and care. Annual conferences in the US and Europe, evidence-based clinical guidelines and protocols, forums, and the journal Breastfeeding Medicine.
Information on breastfeeding and disease from the CDC.
Evidence-based information on breastfeeding and children's health from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Evidence based information on non-drug treatment of postpartum depression and PTSD in breastfeeding women from Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, IBCLC.
The International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals (IATP) is dedicated to educating parents and professionals about tongue-tie and its proper assessment and treatment and furthers tongue-tie research by launching multi-center studies and supporting those who wish to formulate and implement new research.
Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children's resource for safe pregnancy, includes databases on the safety of exposures in pregnancy and lactation, plus links to continuing education for health care professionals.
The new edition of Dr. Evelyn Jain's video for physicians on diagnosing and treating ankyloglossia in the office.
Tongue-tie: From Confusion to Clarity: Australian speech pathologist Carmen Fernando's site contains information on speech and feeding difficulties associated with ankyloglossia
The science of breastmilk: Why breastmilk is not just food.
University of North Carolina Center for Maternal Child Health breastfeeding problem protocols for physicians.
Some basic strategies to help mothers latch their infants well.

Recomended Books:

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Breastfeeding Made Simple
Breastfeeding Made Simple explains how breastfeeding works and how to work with it. Comfortable, enjoyable breastfeeding is simple for most moms with the information in this book. You can visit their site here.

Making More Milk
The book for any mom worried about her milk supply. You can vist their site here.

No Cry Sleep Solution
Helping your baby sleep when they're tired.

Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers
Dr. Neufeld has great books and information for a peaceful, fulfilling family life. Read his stuff when your kids are small, and prevent problems!

Nursing Mothers Companion
The Nursing Mothers Companion is a well-trusted manual on avoiding and solving breastfeeding difficulties.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
Written by three of the best LLLL/IBCLCs in the Western Hemisphere, this mother-friendly book is like a group of knowledgeable friends visiting you.

Thea Gallas Always Gets Her Man
A really fun murder mystery featuring an LC wannabe as the protaganist.

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For Parents:
Kelly Bonyata is a LLL Leader and IBCLC whose site contains excellent information on almost anything breastfeeding. Look here first if you have a problem or question.
Information on Tongue tie and tongue tie release from the United Kingdom. Good photos, and a link for a great educational pamphlet.
A nice little video on a comfortable latch (attachment) to the breast.
Great site and book from a pediatric GI doctor to help babies with crying and colic.
La Leche League: Information and referrals to breastfeeding support groups. Online help too!
How breastfeeding works in the real world, how to find support in the community.
Several great techniques for comfortably and efficiently removing milk from your breasts with your own hands (no pump needed!).
Lovely video on how to hand express milk, from the Norwegian breastfeeding support group Ammehjelpen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a video and instructions in English!
How to hand express milk (works great in the early days before pumping is very effective)
24 hour cribside assistance for fathers!
Information on staying safe and healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. If you are worried about chemicals you are exposed to, or medicines and herbs, this is a good site for information.

Harassed for Nursing in Public? Fight back, call 1 855-NIP-FREE (Best for Babes Harassment Hotline). For more info, click here
Evidence based information on infant sleep.

For free breastfeeding help and support in Queens county, New York City: La Leche League of Queens