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Webinars 101

Webinars are pre-recorded presentations rich in multimedia content. To earn certs, the learner must pass a quiz provided at the end of the presentation. Individual webinars are available for purchase at $29 each.

Available Webinars:

Facilitating Breastfeeding in the NICU (80 mins, 1.4 certs) - available until June 2021

The importance of human milk for preterm and ill infants has been appreciated for decades, and many facilities concentrate on milk expression rather than direct breastfeeding. More recent research revealed that breastfeeding is easier than bottle feeding for preterm infants and those with cardiorespiratory issues, and elucidates ways to build on their competencies to facilitate direct breastfeeding. This webinar reviews techniques to manage feeding in the NICU to increase the number of infants being discharged breastfeeding directly, without increasing morbidity or length of stay. Strategies to work with some of the common feeding challenges posed by prematurity are covered, as well as alternate feeding methods, including modified bottle feeding in the lactating parent�s absence.

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