Services Provided:

How to schedule an appointment

Please make an appointment by telephone (718-846-2323) or e-mail ( Remember to leave your telephone number twice, in case the call quality is poor or some numbers get cut off by call waiting beeps. If you do not receive a return call by the next business day (if I am in town), please call again. Even the best technology sometimes fails.

If you need to cancel your apointment, please do so by phone, with as much time as possible (to allow me to be able to assist somoene else).

What to bring to your appointment

What not to bring

What to expect

Expect the visit to last around an hour and a half, two hours for a more complex problem. A lactation consultation includes observing a feeding, taking your history, examining baby�s mouth and your breasts if necessary and with your permission, problem solving, trying out the strategies we decide may be helpful, and practicing those that are. Since I am a clinical mentor, there may be another IBCLC or a lactation consultant intern working with us as well. Written instructions will be provided at the time of the visit. A letter will be sent to the baby�s doctor, and sometimes to your doctor. Follow up by telephone and email is included in the initial visit fee. Follow up visits in person or on Skype are available for a reduced fee if needed.

Insurance Coverage

Some insurers cover services by IBCLCs, some do not. I accept payment at the time of services, and supply you with an insurance form to apply for reimbursement. I am happy to supply my National Provider ID number when you book the appointment if your insurer requires the pediatrician�s office to call them to get pre-approval for your visit. Flexible Spending and Medical Savings accounts do reimburse for lactation services if your insurer rejects the claim.

Telephone and Email or Video call (Google Hangouts Meet) Consultations

It's best to have in person help, but the current COVID-19 pandemic makes this potentially unwise. I provide secure, HIPAA compliant virtual visits using Google Hangout Meets. You don't need any app to have a consult, I can send you a link to open the meeting in your browser at your appointment time. Email me at or call 718 846-2323 to make an appointment. I will probably ask you to take photos and videos for me to review before the visit so I can help you better.

HIPAA Privacy Notice

You've probably received Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act privacy notices every time you receive health care. IBCLCs are health care professionals and need to comply with this law when electronically transmitting protected health information.

You have the right to:

Review your protected health information.
Ask that any incorrect information be corrected.
Ask who the information has been shared with.
Limit sharing except as required by law.

I will only share your information with your other health care professionals so your health team can optimize your care; with your insurance company if needed to process your claim; or if subpoenaed by a court. You may authorize me to share protected health information with your spouse or other relative, your doula, or another individual if you like. This link will send me your authorization.